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Annual WhiteTrash Weekend

June, 1999

Gary & I agreed to do a yard sale with our friends Barry & Sue. They have two boys Zachary who is 8 and Steve who is 3. In order to get up early and have fun with the kids (who were officially out of school for the summer), we decided to camp in the backyard.

Kyle, Anthony & Cody

Steve, Anthony & Zach

The morning of the yard sale we made a huge pancake breakfast while the men folk set up the yard sale. Then we just had to wait for people to show up.

Gary, Sue & Deb

Barry showing his loot, Deb ("where's mine?") & Gary

The boys wanted to get in the act when they saw the parents making money. So they made a lemonade stand. They were their own best customers!

Anthony's hiding behind the pitcher trying to get his loose front tooth out...he doesn't succeed...that day!

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