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Steve's 3rd Birthday

July, 1999

We celebrated Barry & Sue's son Steve's 3rd birthday with them. It was a real family affair. The barbecue was good, the cake was yummy.

Anthony, Cody & Kyle

Steve's cousin, Zach, another cousin, Anthony's trying to hold Steve up for the camera, Kyle & Cody.

Back row: Cousin - Cody - Kyle
Front Row: Anthony & Zach

Don't notice the pre-dye job gray hair and I'll let you see the last two pictures...haha.

Gary's sister Lynn (mother of Cody) & Deb

Gary & was our 11th anniversary so we had another excuse to we ever need an excuse (ROTFL).

Well, that's it for now. I may get the halloween ones done before Easter. And that's just getting them developed...oh well.